Teepee Celebration

Teepee celebration is created for celebrating the special moments of life!

Whether it’s date night, an anniversary, a birthday, end of work get together or even just hanging out with a friend(s).

We try to cater for your special needs or occasion. Whether you want to relax in the park or the comfort of your own home (balcony, backyard or a room inside your house) we will set up and pack up and pick up, later that night, or even on the next day!

Price starts from $200

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

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Hola amigos! Teepee Celebration ha sido creado para disfrutar de una manera diferente y especial aquellos momentos especial en vida de quienes amamos.

Nuestros setups se pueden adaptar desde 2 personas hasta 20. Si tienes alguna pregunta por favor no dudes en contactarnos 💛


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