Melbourne Pisco is the company of Luis Arana. Luis with his Peruvian background already loved Pisco and knew of its smooth flavour and great way it was when mixed into cocktails and wanted to bring it over to Australia and share that delicious flavour with all. Luis, a Peruvian chef by trade is well acquainted with pairing food and drinks and know how well Peruvian foods pair with Peruvian liquor and beer and wines. For more than ten years whilst in Peru, Luis worked in, with and alongside many venues, bars , restaurants, nightclubs, in all things including events and gastronomy. He is a Peruvian chef who also has ten years experience in hospitality in Melbourne. Luis was able to get to know many brands of spirits and liqueurs and after looking at what consumers wanted, it was decided that Buena Cosecha Pisco, with its distillery in the valleys of Villacuri Ica Peru was to be the Pisco we imported here and Melbourne Pisco are the exclusive importers of Buena Cosecha to Australia.

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