Our vision: Bridge the gap between people and charities.

charityBay is an impact-driven online marketplace that converts items and services into cash donations, where 95% of all proceeds are directed to the charity chosen by the donor.

Looking to buy an item? You can discover treasures from $0.99 and have them delivered from anywhere around the country directly to your door.

We believe in a world where every person has the power to help. We provide an easy and simple auction-style marketplace – with a sleek automated system, so it couldn’t be easier to help out your favourite charity, while either providing belongings or buying them! Item/service donations are tax-deductible too!

Our Website: https://www.charitybay.org
Our Mobile App: https://www.charitybay.app

Are we Latin? Yes, I am Mateo from Colombia, one of the co-founders and we are supporting several charities helping the Latin community too 🙂

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