Training, preparation and practice material to successfully pass the NAATI CCL test in the first attempt

  • My name is Nestor Florez Alvarez, founder and trainer at CCL Spanish Training, IT graduate, NAATI professional translator and interpreter, trainer and assessor in the Advanced Diploma of Translating in Melbourne and Spanish tutor and teacher.
  • The Complete NAATI CCL training course provided by CCL Spanish Training will help the candidate learn, practice and improve the skills required to interpret in both language directions to a community-level standard which is the level assessed on the test.
  • You will increase your chances of success. The CCL online training will provide  important knowledge and skills that will considerably increase your chances to pass the exam and receive 5 points for your application.
  • During the preparation, you will have the opportunity to practice and receive the best training with will real dialogues that will prepare you for the day of your exam.
  • With our platform, you will practice with dialogues created and prepared uniquely for the purpose of the NAATI TEST. You will practice just about as if you were training with a CCL trainer.
  • Please visit for more information about our preparation courses and training material.